More from Brynna's Party

First off, look at this picture I got of my little stinker. Its definitely my new favorite. I wish it was a real smile but at this point, I'll take any picture I can get of her looking at me!
 Look at these cousins. It is such a treat to have all these little ones so close in age...even if only one of them is mine. Tylee has such a different relationship with each one of her cousins and its fun to watch them evolve as she gets older. She was initially closer to the two big girls because they loved having a new baby around and would dote on her and give her attention. Brecca is very motherly and Braylee, well, it depends on what mood she is in. Tylee adores them both. More recently however, its been Brax that she runs to right out of the car. I guess they are on a more similar age level (at 2 and 4) than the big girls (who are 6 and 8). I'm anxious to see how Tylee's relationship develops with both Brynna and Lowen as they get older. I can see her and Brynna being 2 peas in a pod - playing princess, Barbies, and all things baby doll related.
 Then there is Mr. Lowen, who is as handsome as can be! Lowen and Brynna will be close in age so I assume they will buddy up as soon as Lowen can walk but I often wonder if Tylee will migrate towards the big kids or hang out with the little ones. I know I'm overthinking this and the best part is that Tylee has 5 cousins and we are all close enough that they will be the best of friends. It is just fun to watch how their relationships grow and change and how the group dynamic switches as they all get older. Heck, I still cannot get over the fact that she is old enough to even have relationships!   
 And now the important part - the party! Look how cute this cake is? Brynna had so much fun getting all the attention and being Queen for the night. She dove right into her cake, cheesed it up for everyone taking pictures, and dug right in to her presents. She could not have been any cuter!
 But really, what is more fun than the box?

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