Easter - Part 2

We finished off the day hunting for eggs around the house and last but not least, coloring eggs. It is funny how many different Easter traditions I've seen floating around on blogs. When I was little, Easter weekend was always the kick-off weekend at the lake. We would go down and Mom would clean the inside, Dad would burn leaves and clean the outside, and the rest of the weekend was spent coloring eggs and waiting on the Easter Bunny to come. We would wake up Easter morning with a basket by the bed, then stumble our way to the door to start looking for Eggs outside. Those are some great, great memories and I hope we achieve some equally great Easter memories for Tylee.  
(It took everything I had to just let Tylee color these how she wanted. She would take the pretty bright pink ones out of the dye and just plop them down into the orange - therefore ruing the pretty pink eggs. I had a couple cute ones out drying and before I knew it, back into the dye they went!! Oh well, at least she had a ball.)

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The Peter Family said...

I bet dad would have added something to your eggs. I can't believe you didn't have an eyeball! :) Brecca's first comment was, "Ewww, look at that brown one." :)