Blue-Eyed Beauty

This blue-eyed beauty is officially enrolled in pre-school. I know. I can't believe she is that old either! But her 3rd birthday is coming soon and I think it is time that she gets a little socialization and discipline from someone other than immediate family. She will only go two days a week from 9 - 11:30, which I think is going to be the perfect amount of time to help her to adjust. There are a couple different pre-schools in Parsons and I've heard good and bad about both of them. The jist of it is that one is more structured while the other one is more of a "play" situation. We ended up going with the more structured program and I hope it isn't something I regret. The teacher didn't knock my socks off but comes highly recommended by lots of people so I am sure Tylee will be fine. Although school doesn't start until September, orientation was last night and Tylee was so excited. She walked in, the teacher asked her if she wanted her to go get some books, Tylee shook her head yes, took her hand, and walked down the hall. She had literally met her 5 seconds before and never even turned around to see where I was. I think she is going to do just fine! Lets hope Mom is fine too.
 I have realized that this is the smile I get when I tell her to say, "Cheese!"
And just for my memory's sake - oh how I love these "after-bath" curls. They are just perfect. Too bad they are only cute on Day 1. Any subsequent days or as soon as Tylee naps, they are a total mess. I think we'll have to bathe in the mornings once school starts so that her mane is tamed. Since Tylee's interal alarm goes off every morning at 6am, I'm not seeing this as a problem.

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