Potty-training = OVER

The sticker chart was a 100% success! We are completely done with Potty-training. Tylee had a couple of accidents the first 48 hours in panties, two more throughout the next week, and has had ZERO accidents since last Wednesday. We are 12 days into this with 4 accidents and I am actually starting to consider letting her ride in my new Jeep. I'm kidding. Kinda. :-/
Most of our "training" has taken place at home but we are getting more brave about taking her places without a diaper on. I caved and bought a package of (expensive!!) pull-ups but I am proud to say she usually won't pee in one. Even with one on, she will grab her little booty, yell she has to pee, runs to the bathroom and strips down...all by herself. We started with the potty chair in the kitchen/living room area (so she didn't have far to go) and moved it into the bathroom last weekend. This week she has been using her Elmo seat on the big potty and has actually went a couple different times in strange places on a regular toilet.
We have 2 things left to work on: holding it and remembering to take time out to go when she is busy. She stopped mid-Easter Egg Hunt to go and does fine at home when she is in the middle of something. I am worried about my cousins wedding reception this weekend and if she will realize she has to go amongst all the commotion. I have no idea how long she can hold it, thus being the reason she has yet to ride in my Jeep without anything on. So far we have been near a potty every time she has had to go and I can't say I want to push that envelope just so I can find her limit.
All of this applies for both #1 and #2. I know a lot of kids struggle with the latter but it didn't seem to bother her at all. I am so happy that this is finally done because it has been weighing on me for awhile. I won't lie - I was nervous about doing something wrong and pushing her before she was ready but I was also nervous about Tylee peeing on the floor. Or the couch. Or our bed. Or in my car.
There was no setting timers, no crazy tactics, and no special potty-toys. I reminded her every half hour or so that she didn't have on a diaper and she told me when she had to go. It was that simple. She got some M&M's after the first line was full, a pair of flip-flops when the 2nd line was full, a bag of Cheetos when the 3rd line was full, ect. The chart is almost full!! Apparently those sociologists did know what they were talking about - positive reinforcement works!


Blue-Eyed Beauty

This blue-eyed beauty is officially enrolled in pre-school. I know. I can't believe she is that old either! But her 3rd birthday is coming soon and I think it is time that she gets a little socialization and discipline from someone other than immediate family. She will only go two days a week from 9 - 11:30, which I think is going to be the perfect amount of time to help her to adjust. There are a couple different pre-schools in Parsons and I've heard good and bad about both of them. The jist of it is that one is more structured while the other one is more of a "play" situation. We ended up going with the more structured program and I hope it isn't something I regret. The teacher didn't knock my socks off but comes highly recommended by lots of people so I am sure Tylee will be fine. Although school doesn't start until September, orientation was last night and Tylee was so excited. She walked in, the teacher asked her if she wanted her to go get some books, Tylee shook her head yes, took her hand, and walked down the hall. She had literally met her 5 seconds before and never even turned around to see where I was. I think she is going to do just fine! Lets hope Mom is fine too.
 I have realized that this is the smile I get when I tell her to say, "Cheese!"
And just for my memory's sake - oh how I love these "after-bath" curls. They are just perfect. Too bad they are only cute on Day 1. Any subsequent days or as soon as Tylee naps, they are a total mess. I think we'll have to bathe in the mornings once school starts so that her mane is tamed. Since Tylee's interal alarm goes off every morning at 6am, I'm not seeing this as a problem.


Easter - Part 2

We finished off the day hunting for eggs around the house and last but not least, coloring eggs. It is funny how many different Easter traditions I've seen floating around on blogs. When I was little, Easter weekend was always the kick-off weekend at the lake. We would go down and Mom would clean the inside, Dad would burn leaves and clean the outside, and the rest of the weekend was spent coloring eggs and waiting on the Easter Bunny to come. We would wake up Easter morning with a basket by the bed, then stumble our way to the door to start looking for Eggs outside. Those are some great, great memories and I hope we achieve some equally great Easter memories for Tylee.  
(It took everything I had to just let Tylee color these how she wanted. She would take the pretty bright pink ones out of the dye and just plop them down into the orange - therefore ruing the pretty pink eggs. I had a couple cute ones out drying and before I knew it, back into the dye they went!! Oh well, at least she had a ball.)


Happy Easter!

We actually celebrated most of Easter on Saturday this year. We started off the day going to the Orscheln's Easter Egg Hunt - which didn't end up being a very big success. There were plenty of eggs to be had but for some reason, Tylee wasn't in the mood to go pick any up. I think she got 4 or 5 and she was pretty happy with that. Oh the simple things in life.
After the egg hunt, we went home for a nap and the Easter Bunny got busy. That silly Easter Bunny left a little candy in Tylee's basket but left her big present outside...
Little did the Easter Bunny know that Tylee would have to pick up and open every single egg on her way down the path. It took a long time for the big reveal to happen.
 But when it did, Tylee was so excited! My legs and back are sore from pushing her around but I have no doubt she will get the concept soon. Thanks Easter Bunny for a great day and a great Easter present.


Easter Treats

I can't wait until I make these and Tylee can take them to school where someone actually sees them. Until then, for your viewing pleasure, our Easter Treats (that won't ever leave the house and will probably end up in the trash)!


Easter Egg Hunt

I figured I better get these posted since we'll have numerous other pictures of the exact same thing this weekend!
We missed you Lowen!


Potty-Training 101

Potty-training is going good but I'm not going to lie - it is such a pain in the ass. Is this the hardest parenting-step ever? Because so far it is at the top of my chart. We started about 10am on Saturday (because Tylee stayed all night at Grammy's and Mommy was running a little slow) and she went twice before naptime. I feel like we backtracked a little before nap because it took her over an hour to fall asleep and she peed in her diaper before she ever went to bed. She had a pretty successful evening and finished filling a line on her sticker chart about 10 minutes before bed, therefore getting her M&M's as promised. Unfortunately, she then had an accident (on the couch none-the-less) while eating her reward.
Sunday went about the same but we went to an Easter Egg Hunt in Chanute and I wasn't sure what to do. She went right before we left the house, was dry when we got there, tried to potty, then peed in her diaper during the hunt. I didn't want to leave halfway through the Egg Hunt to go potty but I knew if I put a diaper on her, she would probably use it. I decided better safe than sorry on our 2nd day cold turkey - and she peed in her diaper within the 5 minutes it took her to pick up some eggs. It was time for a nap as soon as we got home and then we had a pretty successful evening.
The plan was that I would do the jist of it this weekend, Grammy and Dad would continue throughout the week and hopefully be a majority of the way done by next weekend. Unfortunately, life happens and according to the projectile vomiting right right before I walked out the door this morning, Tylee has the flu. Guess we'll see what happens. She is now napping - with a diaper on.


Saturday Morning Scene

Saturday Morning Scene


Welcome Spring!

We can hardly keep Tylee off this thing now that the cold winter days have turned to beautiful spring weather! Anytime the door opens and someone steps outside, Tylee is half a step behind, asking to rider her 4-wheeler. It is almost too small and we are fighting a losing battle anytime she tries to take it in the grass. Looks like I know what she is getting for her birthday...or maybe even a Potty-training reward!


Sticker Chart

A week ago yesterday, I decided to start a sticker chart for Tylee to try to get her to sleep in her own bed. You'll never guess how she has done! 
 Since we started the chart she has slept in her bed 5 out of 5 nights with 2 free passes because of storms!! Awesome. And lets face it, I was already giving her rewards so I myswell be making her think she was getting them for staying in her bed rather than just being spoiled rotten. I am okay with admitting that I am bribing my child. But wait, isn't this actually called positive reinforcement? The first night she slept in her bed, we went to the library the next day. It took 2 more stickers to get another reward and for that reward, she got to go camping. (Ha! Hey, she really doesn't know any different.) The next treat came after just one more night in bed - which was Icecream at Braums on Sunday. And just last night, she got a flower pot and seeds to plant her own little bucket of flowers. (Which Tj did today without me today while I was at work. I am not happy.)
So anyways, apparently sticker charts are something that is going to work for Tylee and I couldn't be more thrilled. She has gotten a couple of stickers for peeing in the potty (and one for eating her entire plate which never happens) so I think I'm going to try this again with potty-training once she is back in her bed full-time. I think the Potty-training chart will be a little more structured with actual planned out rewards to work towards but for our first time around, this was a total success!


Maiden Voyage

We took our camper out this past weekend for the first time this season. A good time was had by all but I'd be lying if I didn't say that out of the three of us, Tylee enjoyed it the most. She had a ball. I think I'll let the pictures do the talking from here.  

(I promise Lindsey, I already washed those clothes and they did come clean!)