You know you're a Redneck if...

you spend your entire Sunday afternoon following a pregnant cow around the pasture so you can watch her give birth.
Tj hollered at me about 1:00 Sunday afternoon and told me that a cow was about to have a baby and it would be neat to take Tylee down to watch. I immediately grabbed my camera and was ready to go...but apparently a cow's labor is similar to a humans and it takes forever. I  have to admit that I know literally nothing about cattle or agriculture. I went to school in Chanute and we didn't even have an Ag Department. Apparently in Labette County - everyone takes Ag and watching a cow have a baby is no big deal. While we were watching, Tj casually mentioned that one of his friends in highschool had a cow that birthed a calf with two heads. I was impressed with the "cow with two heads story" but I was more impressed with the fact that Tj and his friends actually owned a cow (or cows) in highschool. The boys in my highschool class were no where near responsible enough to have their own cows in highschool - let alone the money for pasture rent, hay, or purchasing the actual cow.
We watched her from the house for awhile - she would lay down, stand up, lay down, stand up. I was very impatient and everytime she laid down I wanted to go jump in the Rhino and watch her. I kept thinking we were going to miss it but Tj assured me that we wouldn't. We went and checked on her a couple of times but every time we got close, she would stand back up and start walking again. Oh the suspense!

We did in fact, make it to see the baby make its debut. It wasn't near as exciting as I thought it would be. It just kinda plopped out and laid there. I actually thought it was dead for a minute or two. There were no little baby moo's or no joyous celebrations from the Mama cow. It was all pretty straight-forward and simple. But still neat to see.

Tylee was napping throughout this entire ordeal so when she woke up, I took her down to see the baby cow and snap some more pictures.
She was a lot cuter an hour after birth.

Although it was neat, I definitely won't be wasting any more Sunday's driving around in the pasture waiting on a cow to give birth. I am glad I can say that I've seen it though. Maybe I'll keep up with Mama #3 and and her baby on the blog for awhile but the sad reality of it is that she will probably end up in a freezer near you soon!

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