Chicken Bites

Lucky for you, we are going out of town this weekend and I documented a few recipes that I'm taking with me. I'll post the others next week sometime but thought I'd share one tonight. I made Chicken Bites, Stuffed Peppers, Hot Wing Dip, Bagel Dip and Veggie Dip. Yah, I would invite me too next time you have a gathering. I bring good food. Kidding. (Kind of...)
These are some Chicken Bites that I got from my friend Sam. I normally don't like these peppers (Sorry Jayci! I remember laying out with Jayci in highschool and we would always go to Subway at noon. She would get a veggie sub with extra Banana Peppers and it always grossed me out!) but ate about 20 bites before I knew that they had peppers in them. Obviously, the flavor cooks out and leaves you with just a little tang. You should try them.
Cast of Characters:
2 pounds of chicken, 1 pound of bacon (cut in half), Sweet Peppers, Pineapple

 I took a picture of the peppers we use because there are so many varities. I'm sure any would be fine but this is what I use.
 Season the chicken (we use Head Country) and then roll with pineapple on one side and a pepper slice on the other. Pin together with 1/2 piece of bacon and a toothpick.
 Place on the grill for 15-20 minutes.
 Serve warm.

Leave a comment if you try them!! And you should! I promise...

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