Guess who I got to see yesterday?

 And he was so excited to see me! (Boone, not the Trainer.) Hurry up and pass your trial Buddy so you can resume life in your spot next to the couch. We miss you!


Congrats Skye and Wade!


A Trip to the Pond


Stuffed Peppers

And finally, my 3rd and final installment of "Chelse was going out of town and made a bunch of goodies to take with her." Stuffed Peppers! I have to warn you, these are a lot of work for not a lot of peppers but the end result is worth the work.

Cast of Characters: 
Jalapeno Peppers, Cream Cheese, Onion Salt, Garlic Powder, Cajun Seasoning, and Bacon. I normally count the slices of bacon in the package and then buy that same # of peppers. I think it is usually around 12 or 13 and one package of cream cheese will make about that many peppers.
 Mix about a tablespoon each of the Onion Salt, Garlic Powder, and Cajun seasoning in with the cream cheese. Set aside.
 Next, cut the tip of the peppers off and cut in half lenthwise.
Scrap the seeds and membrane out of the peppers. We have this tool from William-Sonoma because we make these a lot, but before we had that - I just used a paring knife.
This is what makes the peppers HOT so the better you do this, the better off you will be in the end. And I don't feel right not sharing this detail: your hand will burn for days if you don't wear a glove. Be careful!  
Take the cream cheese mixture and fill each pepper-halve.
Then wrap in 1/2 slice of bacon. (Cheap bacon does not pay off here. You need some thicker bacon with actual meat to hold the cream cheese in the pepper.)
Grill (or bake) for I have no idea how long or how hot. Maybe 30 minutes, flipping them once? I normally cook them over medium heat until the bacon is done. If you cook them too hot, the bacon will crisp up before the pepper has enough time to cook and get soft.  
I don't use toothpicks (because that is actually the part that sucks the most) so some of my peppers look like this...
and some look like this. Its okay though because those are my "taste-testers."
When you are finished, you'll have an awesome plate of peppers that I swear your guests will LOVE. I haven't had a single person not love these and they are always all gone.


Hot Wing Dip

This recipe is one of my very favorites. It is so easy and is always a huge hit...once you tell people what it is. It kinda comes out a strange color and with all the cheese melted on top, I've found that people are afraid to just dig in. If I leave it on a table and walk away, it normally is not eaten. If I tell a few people what it is before walking way, word spreads quickly and the whole pan is gone.
Cast of Characters:
Cream Cheese, Canned Chicken, Hot Wing Sauce, Ranch, Shredded Cheese
 Spread Cream Cheese in bottom of a baking dish. I used a small round pan since we were taking it somewhere else and I didn't want to worry about my dish. You can use anything from a 9-inch round to a 11x13 cake pan - the thickness of the dip just varies with whatever dish you use.
 Layer with can of chicken.
 Next, pour on 1/2 cup of Ranch and 1/2 cup of Hot Wing sauce. I like Otts best but Franks is good too!
 And last but not least, sprinkle on about 3/4 cup of cheese.
Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes, or until cheese is melted. Serve with Tortilla Chips or Fritos. (Sorry, I don't have a picture of the finished product because I didn't bake it right away. Use your imagination.)

As always, let me know if you try it!


Chicken Bites

Lucky for you, we are going out of town this weekend and I documented a few recipes that I'm taking with me. I'll post the others next week sometime but thought I'd share one tonight. I made Chicken Bites, Stuffed Peppers, Hot Wing Dip, Bagel Dip and Veggie Dip. Yah, I would invite me too next time you have a gathering. I bring good food. Kidding. (Kind of...)
These are some Chicken Bites that I got from my friend Sam. I normally don't like these peppers (Sorry Jayci! I remember laying out with Jayci in highschool and we would always go to Subway at noon. She would get a veggie sub with extra Banana Peppers and it always grossed me out!) but ate about 20 bites before I knew that they had peppers in them. Obviously, the flavor cooks out and leaves you with just a little tang. You should try them.
Cast of Characters:
2 pounds of chicken, 1 pound of bacon (cut in half), Sweet Peppers, Pineapple

 I took a picture of the peppers we use because there are so many varities. I'm sure any would be fine but this is what I use.
 Season the chicken (we use Head Country) and then roll with pineapple on one side and a pepper slice on the other. Pin together with 1/2 piece of bacon and a toothpick.
 Place on the grill for 15-20 minutes.
 Serve warm.

Leave a comment if you try them!! And you should! I promise...



I know some of these things don't matter to any of you but I want to document the little things. One of these days she'll be 14 and most of the things that come out of her mouth probably won't be cute.

  • At dinner ther other night, Tylee kept looking at the lady behind us and asking me what was on her shirt. I told her to stop staring and she said, "Mom - we need to have a little talk."
  • The other day when I got home from work, I let Otter out and she went wild. Tylee yelled, "Hold on, partner!" while chasing her through the yard.
  • I was telling Tylee's PAT's lady that we've been dealing with some major attitude problems. She told me it was normal and that kids really do like boundaries and we need to be sure to stick with them and blah, blah. Tylee was coloring as we were talking and about that time I said, "Good job, Tylee! That is really good." Tylee looked up with her scowled eyes and said, "No it's not. Don't say that." Perfect timing, Tylee! That is exactly what I was talking about. Embarrasing, though!
  • We were watching "Up" the other night and Tylee kept asking what that bird was. I told her it was a Macaw or a Parrot and she got mad and said, "No its not Mom. Don't say that." About halfway through the movie she said, "I know, Mom! It's a mingo!" She was right, it was a flamingo!!
  • This has kinda stopped now that she is a little older but 6 months or so ago, whenever Tylee thought that something she did was funny she would ask, "Is that silly, Mom?" She still does it some but I wanted to mention it because I don't think I have.
  • A few weeks ago Tylee was eating some chips and had her greasy hands all over the couch. Tj told her to get off the couch with her chips and must've said something about that she has to be a big girl before she can eat chips on the couch. Now, everytime she stands up on her step-stool or in her chair, she'll say, "Look how big I am Mom! I am big enough to eat chips on the couch now!"
  • The other night we were playing with Tylee's magnetic doll set and every single outfit she put on the dolls matched! She has really been paying attention and started having an opinion about clothes. She must've just realized that she can dress herself too because she is obsessed with changing clothes all the sudden.  I wish I could say that all 25 outfits she tried on the other night matched too but they didn't. Oh well, at least she is expressing herself.  
  • We've been working on potty-training here and there (Sidenote - She wants nothing to do with it. Everytime you put on panties she will carry around her diaper and cry wanting you to put it back on her) and Tylee successfully had her first poop in the potty! I was just wanting her to pee but heck, I'll get what I can take! So anyways, she actually pooped twice - one normal and one little bitty. The next morning I was telling her how proud I was of her and she said, "I pooped a baby-poop, not a sister-poop. I pooped a Daddy-poop and a baby-poop but no sister, Mom."


Its just like riding a bike...

How cute is this?! You look adorable Bray!
 I had this whole post "journaled" but it was very cheesy...so I started over and am just going to let the pictures do the talking.


Thank you Saturday. I needed you...badly.



When I got home from work, McDonalds, Orschelns, and Wal-mart tonight, I noticed that there was an awesome sunset - similar to the one in these pictures of Boone. I've been wanting to try to get some similar pictures of Otter but the timing has yet to work out. As soon as I pulled in I got Tylee out, ran inside, got my camera, switched my lense, and let Otter out of her pen. The sun was quickly setting and I had a feeling that I was going to miss my photo-op. Otter ran. And ran. And ran. And ran some more. Dangit! She was just too excited and I could not get her to lay down for me! So I settled for the next best thing...


You know you're a Redneck if...

you spend your entire Sunday afternoon following a pregnant cow around the pasture so you can watch her give birth.
Tj hollered at me about 1:00 Sunday afternoon and told me that a cow was about to have a baby and it would be neat to take Tylee down to watch. I immediately grabbed my camera and was ready to go...but apparently a cow's labor is similar to a humans and it takes forever. I  have to admit that I know literally nothing about cattle or agriculture. I went to school in Chanute and we didn't even have an Ag Department. Apparently in Labette County - everyone takes Ag and watching a cow have a baby is no big deal. While we were watching, Tj casually mentioned that one of his friends in highschool had a cow that birthed a calf with two heads. I was impressed with the "cow with two heads story" but I was more impressed with the fact that Tj and his friends actually owned a cow (or cows) in highschool. The boys in my highschool class were no where near responsible enough to have their own cows in highschool - let alone the money for pasture rent, hay, or purchasing the actual cow.
We watched her from the house for awhile - she would lay down, stand up, lay down, stand up. I was very impatient and everytime she laid down I wanted to go jump in the Rhino and watch her. I kept thinking we were going to miss it but Tj assured me that we wouldn't. We went and checked on her a couple of times but every time we got close, she would stand back up and start walking again. Oh the suspense!

We did in fact, make it to see the baby make its debut. It wasn't near as exciting as I thought it would be. It just kinda plopped out and laid there. I actually thought it was dead for a minute or two. There were no little baby moo's or no joyous celebrations from the Mama cow. It was all pretty straight-forward and simple. But still neat to see.

Tylee was napping throughout this entire ordeal so when she woke up, I took her down to see the baby cow and snap some more pictures.
She was a lot cuter an hour after birth.

Although it was neat, I definitely won't be wasting any more Sunday's driving around in the pasture waiting on a cow to give birth. I am glad I can say that I've seen it though. Maybe I'll keep up with Mama #3 and and her baby on the blog for awhile but the sad reality of it is that she will probably end up in a freezer near you soon!