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I don't have a lot to share from the past couple of weeks. We have had a couple of great weekends but nothing really blogworthy. Two of my cousins are getting married in the next month so we've been in Chanute the past two Saturdays for wedding showers. Showers always bring back good memories. I cannot believe we've been married 5 years this June! Last Saturday, Lindsey and I took the girls (minus Brynna) to the movies to see Nomeo and Juliet. Tylee did good but it did not hold her attention near as well as Tangled. It is a cute movie but takes awhile to get in to. She still asks me often what their names were. I've told her 100 times but she still doesn't know. Must've really made an impact, huh? 
I'm not sure if I ever made an official announcement but we named our little black puppy. Her name is Otter. This is our first experience with labs but apparently we got really lucky. I was convinced it was just the breed but have been told otherwise by several people. She is just as calm as Boone was and honestly just lays around and hangs out in her crate with the door open. She doesn't chew, doesn't wander off into other rooms, doesn't jump or bite - she just lays there and plays when you want to play. Apparently that isn't always the case. Boone is back at the trainer so it is just Tylee and Otter for now.
I feel like I should elaborate more since I've been MIA for so long but there really isn't much to say. Hopefully it won't be long before we can get our camper out, play outside, go to the park, and actually do some blogworthy events. Until then, I'll leave you with some pictures of Tylee from the weekend.
Bossing me around
It cracks me up but when she gets really animated about something, she closes and flutters her eyes like this.

This is what, "Smile and look at Mommy's camera," got me. A big 'ol fake smile.

And another fake smile. I cannot wait until she throws out real smiles left and right.

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