Snowed in!

I should have believed them this time - those weather guys were not kidding. It seems like they always talk a big talk but nothing ever happens. Of course, the time it actually does happen - I am not prepared. Tj started talking about rationing our food a little yesterday and I laughed. He wasn't kidding.
We woke up this morning to drifts taller than Tj's truck. There is absolutley no way we can get to town. We have 2 miles of gravel before we get to a semi-popular road that will probably be plowed. We may try to get there later today but it doesn't look promising. Our friend is coming with his tractor later (to feed his cows) and said he will try to make us a path.
Tylee is standing on her rocking chair in this picture and the snow out our bay window is still almost as tall as her. Being snowed in with my little family of 3 has been fun. Yesterday we built a fort, made puppet faces out of paper plates, colored, read books, and napped together. I think those same things are on the agenda for today.

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