I started this post early on Super Bowl Sunday, hoping to share one of Tj and I's favorite recipes on a very appropriate day. Unfortunately, something was going on with Blogger and it took over 6 hours to upload 9 photos. (Come to find out, I had used up 100% of my free Google storage and needed to purchase more. Would've nice of them to tell me that before I babysat the upload process all stinkin day!)

Anyways, I was never a Guacamole fan until we went to Cozumel on our cruise. We decided to eat at Margaritaville and usually never order an appetizer however, when they offered us fresh Guacamole made right at our table, we happily obliged. It was so simple but delicious! We weren't home long before we decided to make our own version - which is basically a bunch of chopped up veggies mixed together in a bowl.

Cast of Characters:
3 ripe Avocados
1/2 Tomato, chopped
1 Clove Garlic, minced
1/2 Juice of a Lime
Handful of chopped Cilantro
1/2 Red Onion, chopped
Salt and Pepper to taste
**Sidenote: It took me forever to figure out how to chop an onion this way but once I did, I have never went back. It is so simple and truly is worth your time to learn. I feel like I'm trying to be  the Pioneer Woman but I figured since I was cutting, I myswell show you. I accidentally skipped a couple steps because I wasn't planning on doing the tutorial until halfway in. Sorry. Start by cutting off the "tip" of the onion so you have a flat slate to work with and are able to sit the onion in an upright position. Make sure you cut off the right end - you have to have the root in order to keep the onion together. Then, cut the onion in half from root to tip. 
Take one of the halves and start peeling off layers until you get to the part of the onion that you actually want to eat. Cut slits up in the onion up to the root - as wide as you would like your pieces of onion.
Then, take your onion and turn it 90 degrees. Cut slits perpendicular to the previous slits, resulting in pieces of chopped onion! See? Easy!
 And now, back to the Guacamole. Cut the avocados in half and pull out the seed.
Scrape the gooey-inside into a bowl with a large spoon. Mash, mash, mash. This is why its very important to get ripe Avocados when you start. The harder the Avocado, the chunkier your Guacamole will be.  
Once your Avocado is the consistency you want it, mix in the rest of your ingredients. This is where the test-tasting truly begins. Sometimes we need more onion, more garlic, more salt, ect.

Just mix and match until it is to your liking.   
And last but not least, Enjoy!

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The Peter Family said...

You taught me how to cute an onion several years ago and so I always cut them that way! Super easy.

I always buy the bagged lettuce but I had to cut a head of lettuce when I worked the snack bar for wrestling and I cut it that way too. It worked perfectly for shredded lettuce! :)