Bye-Bye Bink!

If you would ask Tylee, we had a pretty tramatic experience one day during the snow storm. No, we didn't get stuck in the snow, we didn't freeze, and we didn't run out of food - but her binky's did get thrown in the trash! She has only gotten binky's when she was in bed for 6+ months now (except on very rare occasions when I knew she would need a nap in the middle of an event - such as the Nebraska Game, in the car on the way to Christmas, ect) but has been pushing her luck a litte more and more, bringing them with her into the living room after nap or sneaking in there to get them when we weren't looking. I think we caught her in the living room with them 5 or 6 times over the course of the two days we were snowed in, so Tj took the bad rap and threw them away. It took her a little longer to fall asleep at nap-time that day, but once we made it past that hurdle - I knew it would be smooth sailing. Bedtime was a little more drawn out also but again, she finally fell asleep. Its been over a week now since they've been gone and we haven't had a single issue. She has barely even asked about them! Thank goodness, because I was really dreading this. Guess we should've bit the bullet a long time ago.

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Jayci said...

that is great....we are working on getting lawrence to stop sucking his fingers...doing pretty well we just have to remind him that he is a big boy not a baby and he takes them out however it is not so easy in the middle of the night but i can tell that his teeth are starting to change so hopefully we can get him to stop and it will correct on its own....if she does ask tell her that her princess friends came and took them to another little girl who needs them. love and miss you