Beauty and the Beast

I'm just catching on to this whole Disney-vault thing and boy, I wish I would've understood it several years ago. How in the heck am I supposed to get my hands on a copy of The Little Mermaid (my favorite Disney movie) now? I can promise you, buying a copy of that movie was far from my mind in 2006 when it was released from the vault. I never paid any attention to this whole vault thing until we had Tylee. How am I supposed to get these movies now that I have a princess obsessed 2-year old? Cinderella anyone? Of course, you can find anything on the internet but the $60 price tag is holding me back. With that said, I figured I better go ahead and buy Beauty and the Beast since it is now out of the ever-so-tightly-locked-vault. Snow White is available right now also, so I guess I need to buy her before she gets locked back up too. Disney knows how to market - look at me, I am falling right into their trap.
Beauty and the Beast came yesterday (I waited to make sure she didn't get it for Christmas) and since I've had a long week, I put her in bed all by her little lonesome to watch her movie by herself. Sad, I know but I needed some me-time. Shortly after the movie started, I heard her hollering at me. Like the super-star Mom that I am, I ignored her. A couple minutes later she ran into the living room excited and telling me, "Mommy! I saw the Beast! I saw him, I did! I hollered 'Mommy!' but you didn't come. Do you want to come see the Beast?" I told her to holler next time the Beast came on and I would come see him. 45 seconds later, I was in her room sitting by her bed watching the Beast. She was SO excited. "The Beast is mad, Mommy. He is. He has Belle's Papa. Belle is sad and the Beast is maaad." I was a little worried that it would scare her so I sat in there for a bit and watched with her. A few minutes into it, she was up looking for something and when I asked what she was looking for, she said she was looking for the case that I had put away. She continued looking and finally told me, "The Beast is happy on the box. I want to see the Beast happy on the box." I assured her that him and Belle would both be happy in a little bit and just to keep watching. I didn't see her again for an hour and a half and everytime I would peek in her room, she was so intranced in the movie that she didn't even see me peek in. I cannot wait to curl up with her on the couch this weekend and hear all about her new movie. Thank goodness we were able to catch this one while it was out of the vault.

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Anonymous said...

My kiddos love these movies, I bought 17 of them in a lot from ebay, it only cost me 9.99!!