Thanks Papa and Janis!

Shortly after Christmas, Tylee and Daddy had a little incident (while Mommy was at work) that involved a dry-erase marker, a chair, and the guest room comforter. Those of you that have had any experience at all with dry-erase markers know that they do not come out of clothing. Or chairs. Or bedding. Because of said incident, the easel that Papa Randy and Janis bought Tylee stayed in the box for a few weeks. I guess you could say we were a little gun-shy. But alas, the easel made its debut and Tylee loves it. We color every night and Tylee couldn't be any more excited. That is Dora and a princess crown. The family on the bottom is us, drawn by Mommy. The lady at the top is Grandma Ann with eyes and panties courtesy of Tylee. No coloring session is complete without a little princess action thrown in. Thanks Papa and Janis. The easel is a hit! And I'll be calling you when dry-erase marker ends up on my couch. Be expecting my call.

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