Stream of Consciousness

Where, oh where, have I been? Busy! And sick. And cleaning. Thank god all of that is over. Tj and I had a pretty low key New Year's Eve. After the disaster we had bringing in 2010, we figured we should bring in 2011 with a little more peace. It was nice. In return, we woke up New Years Day and actually got a lot done. All of our Christmas stuff was put away, the house was de-junked, and Good Will got lots of great stuff. I was on a mission. Anything that hadn't been used or touched in a year either went to the trash or to Good Will. 1/2 used Yankee Candle (or 3)? Trash. Pots and Pans? Good Will. Cute wrapping paper I always forget about when I go to wrap a present so I buy more? Trash. VCR Tapes? Trash. 6 of the 20 baby dolls we've accumulated over the past 2.5 years? Good Will. (And wouldn't you guess Tylee searched the hous HIGH and LOW for "Mama baby" and could not find it. Then, she got out her 2 year book all by herself and proceeded to show me who "Mama baby" was. Low and behold Mama baby was/is at Good Will. Figures.)
The week after New Years was normal, nothing blogworthy happened and I don't think I took any pictures that I needed to share. But then, oh then, I got called from daycare two days in a row that Tylee was sick. The first day she seemed fine after we got home so I took her back on Friday. Oops! I got another call she threw up Friday but this time, she was really sick. 6 hours and 6 episodes later, Tylee was asleep and my washer was a working. Luckily, I am big enough to make it to the toilet so my awful 20-hour episode later in the weekend didn't make as big of mess.
We are all on the mend (Tj has been lucky so far) and life is back to normal. I have a couple blog posts in the making but haven't had time to sit down and write them. Or put the pictures on my computer, edit, and upload them. Blogging is hard work! But I'll be back soon. Promise.

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