Our Weekend

Oh, Monday's - they always come too soon. Our weekend was good though, it seemed long for some reason. Grandma Ann called Friday morning to see if Tylee wanted to spend the night. I studdered because Tj was at work and I didn't have plans. What was I going to do without my side-kick? This was our first experience with someone actually wanting Tylee for fun and not because they were asked to babysit. I finally obliged to Grandma Ann's request and had some alone time cleaning my house and catching up on my DVR. What did we ever do before children?
I woke up Saturday morning to a puppy wimpering rather than Tylee tapping on my shoulder wanting some milk. (And those of you that have asked, our puppy still has no name. "Little Black Puppy" is what Tylee calls her and I can already tell we are going to have a hard time convincing her of something different when we finally can agree on a name.) I showered and headed to Chanute to spend some time with the family and pick up Tylee. In the 6 hours that I was there, I think I saw 25 family members in 5 different locations. It was a fun day.
Our Sunday plans were cancelled because of the weather (that never happened) so instead of snuggling a sweet baby boy, we had a relaxing day at home. We made homeade pizza, smoked a brisket, and took naps. It was the perfect way to end a great weekend.

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