I bought Tylee this Barbie book at Wal-mart on Saturday and she got it out of the sack without my knowledge. I'm shamefully admitting that my child was unattended too for apparently quite a bit of time because when we sat down to read the book later that night, the sticker page was empty. I was immediately disapointed that she "ruined" the book without getting to do it with her but then again, obviously I wasn't paying any attention to her. Mom-fail. (Will it make me a better Mom if I tell you I was busy making homeade beef-and-noodles? Didn't think so.) When I opened the book to read it to her. I was pleasantly suprised and so proud of her! She had put every single sticker in the perfect spot! (The turtle and the fish above and the 2 hamster stickers below.)She even got Barbie and Teresa right! When I asked her where she was when she put all the stickers on she said, "In the living room. I did it, Mom. I did it all by myself." Yep Tylee, you sure did.

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crazyfordaisies said...

Isnt it amazing what they can do?!?! We were eating dinner out the other night, waiting on our food to come and I looked over and Nora had nearly written her entire name. Where has time gone that they are this big?!?!