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I've never made it a secret that I edit my photos. I can't claim that I truly know what I'm doing but I know enough to at least make a subtle difference in the picture. Not every single picture I post is edited but most of them are. Pictures of Tylee's book? Not edited. Pictures of the dog - not edited. Tylee's pants - not edited. Christmas Pictures - Edited. Nebraska Game - edited. Anything important? Edited. Most of the time I can tell if editing will make a difference in the picture and can gage my time as to whether its going to make that big of difference. Normally, anything that I'm "showing off" is not edited - aka The Elf on the Shelf, Tylee's pretend play, or her M&D Puzzles. Anything that is scrapbook worthy, is edited. Such as this picture of Tylee and Grandma Katy: I knew going in that an edit wouldn't make or break the picture but it was Christmas and I know it will go in her 3-year book. I wasn't going for a dramatic difference - I just wanted a little pop, a little color boost, and some sharpening. That is exactly what I got (except I'm noticing now it is a little more yellow than I would like)-
Here are some before and after pictures that Lindsey sent me to edit of her girls. These are decently exposed but the white balance is off (aka - the picture is blue) so I just did a little color adjusting, added a little contrast, and messed with their eyes a tad.

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These next pictures...I'm almost embarrassed to share. I haven't seen the original since I edited it the first time and I'm not sure I wanted too. But alas, this is a post about "before and after" pictures so I myswell air my dirty laundry.

Ridiculous, huh? Those before pictures were awful. Actually, they weren't really awful because I wouldn't have been able to fix them if they were truly awful. They were just a little underexposed (or too dark) but thankfully I nailed the focus. I love looking at before and after pictures, especially on professionals blogs so I thought I would share some of mine. Also, I think its important for people to know that pictures are edited. That is why you aren't getting those shots out of your camera...no matter how much you paid for it or how much you've learned. Sometimes its fun to tell the truth.

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