Year in Pictures

Watched my little girl go from a baby to a toddler.

Went bowling for the first time.

Purchased editing software.

Got Boemy.

Lost Dutchy.

Went on a cruise.

Took one of my favorite pictures to date.

Welcomed Brynna into the world.

Went to Deanna Rose.

Enjoyed the sun.

Went to Swimming Lessons.

Celebrated Tylee's 2nd Birthday.

Enjoyed our 4th of July at the lake.

Played as much as possible.

Bought a camper.

Moved into a big girl bed.

Went to the zoo.

Got Boone APLA Certified.Went to the fair.Welcomed Fall.

Enjoyed Halloween.

Went to Tylee's 1st Nebraska Game.

Welcomed Lowen to the world.

Celebrated a wonderful Christmas.

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Sunni said...

It looks like a year of beautiful blessings! Here's to many more in 2011!