Sweet Baby Lowen

Why have the babies in our family been being stubborn lately? Tylee ended up being 2 weeks late, I never dialated (not even to a 1!), and we had a C-section 24 hours into inducing. Then Brynna kept us all waiting until well after midnight and ended with a C-section...and now Lowen! The next baby better behave but we've all 3 had C-sections now so I guess what's the point?
I am not going to tell the whole story, as it is not my story to tell, but I wanted to share my pictures from the day. I am going back up this weekend and should have pictures of that precious little big boy! Isn't Miss Brynna just adorable? She sure was a trooper for being in the hospital for 12+ hours! However, it does not make me miss that age...she is a everywhere!One proud Mama!Erin's Mom and Sisters

It is so neat to see my brother as a Dad. I cannot wait to see them all 3 again! Soon, very soon!


alicia said...

Uhm you realize that's a hop skip and a jump from me. I know your gonna call to have lunch. Right? LOL You better missy! It's been too long.

Journey2Goal said...

I got to meet Lowen today! This post is so cute:) Love all the pictures. He's so precious, I know you are a proud Aunt!