I lucked out. Well, I lucked out for 2 reasons really. 1) We are getting Tylee a doll house for Christmas. Not a 4-wheeler. And 2) As of the other night, she actually wants a doll house! The past few weeks when you asked her what she wanted from Santa, she would tell you she wanted a "Dora Present". I really wanted to get her a Doll House but I wasn't sure she even knew what a Doll House was. Luckily, she isn't old enough this year to realize that she asked for a "Dora Present" and Santa brought her something else so I knew we would be okay but I also wanted her to be excited Christmas morning because she got what she wanted. Thankfully, Team Umizoomi saved the day. Literally, they saved Christmas and helped Santa finish up the toys for all the boys and girls. And guess what they helped finish? A doll house! Tylee latched right onto that and is all she can talk about now! Yay! Thank you Team Umizoomi.
I had a total Mom-fail the other day but I'm going to blame it on Tj. I guess that makes it a Dad-fail. The Elks had a Christmas Party the other night and we took Tylee to see Santa for her first time this year. I knew it was more a "party" rather than "pictures with Santa" but I figured we could make due. Well, unfortunately, as Santa came in I saw Tylee's present (that I wrapped and delivered previously) on the top of his bag. I knew she would be one of the first names called so I grabbed my camera real fast and set my settings...all whilst trying to enjoy the moment of Tylee seeing Santa for the first time. Tylee was the second named called and our picture perfect moment of her running up, sitting on his lap, and getting her present was quickly replaced with complete and total FEAR. Tj and I had a quick, "You take her so I can get pictures. No, you take her and I'll take the pictures" back and forth and I finally gave in and went took her up there, knowing the pictures would be fine because I had already set my settings. "CARD-FULL" is the first thing Tj showed me when we sat back down. Fail.
She was not impressed with Santa. She did talk to him and told him she wanted a "Dora Present" but she did not like him. When I tried to have Santa hold her for a pic (after I made some room on my Memory Card) she clung to me like never before. I didn't want to traumatize the poor girl so I just let it be. I considered going to Chanute last weekend to try to get a picture but no need to torture my daughter just for a photo-op. She has made it very clear that she does not like Santa.
Me: Do you like Santa?
Tylee: No.
Me: Why not?
Tylee: I not want to sit on his lap.
Me: But Santa is nice. Remember? He brought you a Dora present.
Tylee: Am I going to get some more?
Me: Not if you don't go sit on his lap.
Tylee: I not want to sit on his lap. I want more presents! I do.
So sadly, there will be no Santa Picture 2010. Its going to be awhile before I can recover from this.

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