Santa Came!

Tylee (and subsequently Tj and I) has gotten up around 6am for months and months. Now, my internal clock has me stirring around bright and early even if I'm off work. Tj and I were both up and ready to go at 6am Christmas morning and of course, the lil' monk decides to sleep in! We stood around in the kitchen for what seemed like forever waiting to hear the tip-toe of little feet coming to see what Santa brought. Tj finally peeked in her room, told her Santa came, and hurried back in the kitchen so he could catch her reaction. Still a no-go. We patiently waited a few more minutes and I finally just went and woke her up. As Tj had done before me, I also scurried back into the kitchen to catch her reaction. Sure enough, here she came! Unfortunatley, getting woke up made her cranky and instead of turning the corner and looking for what Santa brought, she ran in the kitchen and bee-lined it for Mama, sat in my lap, and gave us no reaction at all. We finally flipped the doll house around a little bit so she could see inside and it sparked her interest a little. That dang Santa didn't bring any of the furniture or appliances for the doll house so it was pretty bare. We Santa knew it didn't come with much but figured it came with enough items to make it halfway fun for a few days until we could get some rooms. No luck. We moved onto the other pile of presents fairly quickly - which all ended up being a hit, thank goodness. Tylee was really into the presents this year and has apparently passed the oh-its-a-toy-lets-open-it-and-play-with-it-right-now stage and was always ready and willing to open another present. We really lucked out because she probably had 50+ presents to unwrap from all the doting Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles.(Snow White is in time-out)

We spent the rest of the morning as a family of 3 (or 4 if you count Boone) playing with our new toys and enjoyed our only few hours of rest in a 4-day weekend.


Jen said...

LOL Love Snow White in time out and Tylee peeking through the window! ;-)

Sunni said...

Very sweet!