Holiday Homes Tour 2010

I am always sad to see the fall decor go back in the box but luckily, it gets replaced with Christmas stuff. Come January, I'll be super depressed to load everything back up because unfortunately, there is nothing to replace it. Apparently I need to work on my January - August decor a little bit. This is view from my couch. I love the garland and lights on top of my cabinets. I drooled over those big ornaments for several years and was finally able to get them one year after Christmas when they went on sale. I've seen several other cute things that I want to stick up there but who has $$ at Christmas to spend on decor? Certainly not me! One of these years I'm going to brave the crowd and hit up some sales after its all over. Oh wait, who has $$ the day after Christmas either? Certainly not me! This is a little tree that Tj had when we met. It was our only tree for a couple of years and usually sat undecorated in the living room. I decided to redecorate our big tree this year so all our of our old ornaments went on this little tree and I love it. I actually like it better than our big tree. Here is "our little Christmas corner." Like I mentioned earlier, our tree was a little drab last year so I decided to redo it. I loved the ornaments in the boxes but it didn't all come together quite like I had hoped. I definitely need to get some sort of garland but it will work for this year. It is still a work in progress but I'm sure by the time I get it the way I want it, I'll be tired of it and it will be time to change again. Do you change you tree every few years? You know all those things that you say you will never do as a parent? Well, I'm guilty. I spy with my little eye...Dora paper! Its just too hard to resist when you know the little person you love the most in the world would love to have her presents wrapped in Dora paper. And she definitely loves it so it is all worth it. I only have a couple more years where she will actually care so I can give up my pretty paper for now.This is my favorite part of my Christmas decor. Unfortunately, we used to actually eat at that table so our whole routine is off. I think that is a small sacrifice to make for such a beautiful table. Don't you? We'll be back to regularly scheduled programming dinner soon. I absolutley love my Demdaco nativity scene but just don't have a good place to put it. Nanny has been getting me a piece for my birthday every year and I cannot wait until I have the whole set. Hopefully by the time I accumulate all the pieces, I figure out a good place to display it.

I wouldn't normally display a stuffed animal but Tylee got this bear on her first Christmas and for some reason, it is special to me. When I was growing up, my sister and I had a Christmas stuffed animal that we got out and put away with our Christmas stuff. I loved that reindeer and it was always a special part of decorating for me. My Mom let me keep him out one year and it just wasn't ever the same.

And last but not least, Tylee's tree and the outside. I hope you enjoyed the tour of our home at Christmas time. I love getting a glimpse into other people's lives and their traditions. I thought I would share ours with you in hopes that you would share yours, with us!


Reed Family said...

LOVE IT!! Favorites are the tops of your cabinets and the table! Beautiful!! And excellent idea! Now you have got me excited to show mine...I just wish I could take good pictures of it to do it justice!!

Veronika said...

Love your ornaments... what fun colors!

kristin said...

oh i just adore the tops of your cabinets! in our next home i really want cabinets with space on top so that I can decorate them.
My mom suprised me the other day with two sets of the Willow Tree nativity, I was just thrilled and came home to blog about it and share pictures! I am so in love with it, and i love all of her stuff.
I am following your blog now I cant wait to read past stuff and look forward to the future reads! :)