G-ma Ann's Christmas

My Mom so graciously does Christmas either a couple days before Christmas or a couple days after so that we don't have to fit one more thing into a 24-hour period. It usually works out great except this year, Bubby and Erin had to come in shifts with Lindsey and Nathan because poor Brynna has RSV and is in really rough shape. Erin said it felt like we were a divorced family and they had to get going before the "others" showed up. Very true. After little Lowen left, the other 4 grandkids showed up and we enjoyed the rest of the evening as a not-completely-complete family. It was strange not having my brother there. And lets be honest, I didn't get to snuggle Lowen near as long as I wanted. We opened presents, ate way too much, and enjoyed each others company - which is exactly how Christmas at my Mom's is supposed to go.We bought Brecca and Braylee bean bags and against my better judgement, I showed Tylee them before I wrapped them. She fell in love with Braylee's bug bean bag and subsequently switched what she wanted from Santa to a "purple bug". I thought we were going to be in trouble but Aunt Lindsey saved the day! This was Tylee's first Christmas of the year and she loved every second of it. After my Mom would hand her a present, she would open it, set it aside and say, "Another present please?" She didn't throw a fit when they were gone but next year as a 3.5 year old, begging for more presents will not be so cute.

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