Finley Family Christmas

Unbelievable to some, 100% normal to us. Sweet baby Lowen.Tylee doesn't know who 90% of these people are (yet!) but she wanted to help pass out gifts. I coaxed her to each person and she delivered each gift with such accomplishment. She was having a blast. Finally my turn to open! Just a glimpse of the chaos fun!Thanks Gma Katy!
After we left, we had one final stop at Papa and Janis' and wrapped up our Christmas fun. Thanks everyone for such a great few days. (I promise, I'm as tired of writing these posts as you are of reading them!)


Sunni said...

Very sweet! Love the Christmas dress (wow, how many outfits did you have to have? LOL)! Sweet, sweet photos!

Taverli said...

Chels---Don't get tired...I just love to read your posts!! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!

Happy New Year,