Elf on the Shelf

It wouldn't work for the dog, but I got my way with the Elf. Meet Wistrom. Wistrom is Santa's Elf that has came to visit us this Holiday Season. He sits on the shelf (or lamp, fridge, cabinet, ect) and keeps his eye on Tylee throughout the day. He reports back to Santa every night and lets Santa know if she was a good little girl that day. "I good, Mama. I not bad. I get a Dora Present from Santa," says Tylee. Although a little too young to fully understand, she wakes up every morning excited to find him. Every morning she asks, "Who put him there?" And every morning we say, "He flew Tylee. He went to the North Pole while you were sleeping and told Santa that you were ____ yesterday." And off she goes to start her day.
Preparing for Christmas this year has been so much fun, however I know its only going to get better the more Tylee understands. I'm trying hard not to overwhelm her with traditions but each and every thing is so enticing! I really wanted to start an advent calendar this year but I know she is too young. We settled for a Christmas Chain that is counting down the days until she gets to open her presents. I guess we will just follow her cue and the more she wants to do and is interested in, we will do. Except, of course, for the creepy little Elf on the Shelf. Wistrom will be joining us every year whether she wants him to or not.

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Chris and Darci said...

You are like the 3rd parent that's doing the Elf on the Shelf this year that I know! I think its so cute! Will definitely be on our list for next year!?