Christmas Tree Farm

When I told Tylee we were going to go to the Christmas Tree Farm, she said, "Oh! I like farms! Mooooo!" "Not that kind of farm, Tylee! A farm to pick out our Christmas Tree!"

Unfortunately, she cried the entire time. "I want a baby tree! I don't want a big 'ol tree." But we bought a "big 'ol tree" anyways. I tried telling her that we had 3 baby trees and we needed a big tree to put her presents under...but it didn't work. I don't think she really understood the concept. It was so stinking cold so once we got our tree picked out, we headed to the building ASAP to get warm. It didn't cross my mind that we missed the entire experience of watching the guys cut it down and load it up. I'm not sure she put 2 and 2 together. Oh well, we have our big 'ol tree and its perfect.

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