Christmas Day

After our few hours of rest at home as a family, Daddy got called to work and Tylee and I headed to Nanny and Poppy's. We were so lucky this year - Tj made 6 out of our 7 Christmas gatherings! That is almost a railroad miracle! Tylee and Brax have become best of buds but when I told them to pose for a picture, Brax wanted nothing to do with Tylee. He wouldn't put his arm around her so she put her arm around him! It was so cute! Tylee opened most of her presents with her back to me so most of my pictures turned out like this.And when she finally turned around, she opened this: and immediately had to put on the "Seeping Beauty" dress. So the rest of my pictures look like this:So much for a picture in her cute dress!

Thanks for everything Nanny and Poppy. We had a great day at the farm.

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