Tylee's Favorite Things - Christmas Edition

I think I've mentioned before that I never had a hobby until recently. Finally! I'm 27 years old and I have something that I can name when I'm in a room full of strangers and have to go around the room, introduce myself, and name a hobby. Unfortunately, I've yet to be in that situation now that I actually have an answer. I remember my freshman year of college when we had to go around the lunch table and introduce ourselves to the other girls in our dorm. I said I was shy and my best friend Jayci said she liked shoes. Let me tell ya, people were knocking down our door trying to be our friends! Ha!
Obviously, if you've been reading for any length of time, you know that my hobby involves one of these bad boys. Except when I drop mine, it breaks. Or when I spill pop on it, it stops working. But Tylee's doesn't!
I definitely prompted this gift for Tylee's 2nd birthday and I have to say thanks to Nanny and Poppy for graciously obliging to my request. Tylee is very interested in my camera and loves to flip through the pictures with me after a photo session. I figured rather than just yelling at her to "put Mommy's camera down!" all the time, I could just request one of her own!The picture quality isn't the best but when an adult takes the snap, they normally turn out like the ones above. When Tylee takes the picture, they normally turn out something like these below.

Either way, she thinks it is fun and who really cares how the pictures turn out. I load the good ones onto our computer every once in awhile and delete the rest. If nothing else, it lets Tylee have a part of something that I love. Its fun to go out and take pictures together, even if the hot pink camera sometimes ruins my photo-op.

(I would say this gift is more appropriate for 2.5+ years old. She is just now starting to grasp actually looking at something in the viewfinder and taking the picture. It was always just random button pushing before.)

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Jayci said...

it funny that you remeber what we said when we introduced ourselves... i remember the days of loving shoes and being able to just go buy new ones...now i rarely buy stuff for myself....i still havent found a hobby myself. i love looking at all your picutes.hope your day is great!!!