We kicked off Thanksgiving weekend with a first...Tylee's first movie in the theatre! We went and saw Tangled with my friend Kinzi and her neice and nephew. They are a little older than Tylee but I thought we would give it a shot. She was free and I figured it was worth my $8 ticket to at least try it. Not only did we try it, she loved it! The movie was super cute and she watched the entire thing. She was up and down in her chair, on my lap, and bribed with popcorn but she did so good. It definitely held her attention and she actually comprehended more than I thought she would. She had great timing and decided to ask me questions whenever something dramatic was happening and the theatre was quiet. "Why Punzel crying Mommy? Is she sad? Why Punzel sad?"
Thursday morning we went to Chanute to spend Thanksgiving with the Finley family. My brother's baby was due Saturday so him and Erin were stuck in Kansas City. My Mom and Grandparents went up there to spend the day with them. (Noticed I said "was due" yet haven't posted anything about the baby yet. Poor Erin!) It was nice to relax and not be rushing around from one family event to the next. After my Dad's we went back to Parsons and spent the evening with Tj's Mom. I ate more in one day than I ate all last week! Calories don't count on Thanksgiving though, right?
We had a great day and Thanksgiving really makes me take a step back and appreciate all that I have in life. Hope you all had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving as well!

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