Spooktacular Event #3

I woke up Saturday morning to this...

and have been fighting that dang pumpkin every day 30 minutes since. Although every ounce of whining has been worth all the fun, I cannot wait until that thing is EMPTY. I should've listened to Ashley Ann's advice and tried taking photos of Tylee in her costume several days before Halloween. She was right - the day of the actual event Tylee was just too excited. On our way out the door I tried bribing her that if she looked at Mama and smiled just one time that I would take her Trick-or-Treating. She obviously knew I was lying because it didn't work. On the way out the door she spotted her Dora backpack, stopped dead in her tracks and said, "Wait Mama. Let me get my camera." So there is my little witch, Fisher Price camera and all. Like mother, like daughter. Right? Since we live in the country I felt more justified for going to one of the nicer areas and pretending like we lived there. My boss lives right in the heart of the neighborhood so I even had a place to park. Technically, I was invited to his house so that counts, right? The entire neighborhood was packed with kids, both old and young. I got so many compliments on Tylee and her costume and even several "She is the cutest girl I've seen tonight!"Taking Tylee Trick-or-Treating last night was by far my best parenting experience to date. As I was standing there watching her walk up to those houses all by her little lonesome, it was like an out of body experience where no matter what anyone told you, you had no idea it could be this good. I was so proud that she was mine, proud that she knew exactly what to do, proud she wasn't intimidated by the big kids and people she didn't know, and proud that she was polite enough to say Thank You after every drop in the bucket. I tried stopping for a photo-op along the way but as soon as we sat down, the hat came off and her face went straight into the bucket. You think I was going to get a smile with all that candy? Slim chance. I'm not really a big Halloween person but having this little girl has changed everything about who I thought I was. Our Halloween tradition has definitely been started and I cannot wait to go again next year.

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Wyatt's Momma said...

Love her costume!! Too stinkin' cute! What a great picture of her taking a picture of you. Like mother, like daughter. :)