Tylee and I went to Chanute last night for haircuts* and we had quite the conversation on our way home. I think she was talking just trying to stay awake.
*Sidenote: Her 2nd haircut in 2.5 years and her hair is STILL not even close to being long enough for a ponytail. UGH.
Me: Tylee, I just saw a deer so be sure to keep your arms* in your carseat.
*Sidenote: No matter how tight that thing is she can get her arms out if she really wants to. I swear I push the top buckle all the way up under her chin and the straps are so tight I struggle to even buckle it when we are getting in. Thoughts?
Me: Tylee, I just saw a deer so be sure to keep your arms in your carseat.
Tylee: Where is the deer? I want to see the baby deer!
Me: They were back there and its dark so you can't see them.
Tylee: I will get my flashlight. Then I can see them.
Tylee: Where are the deer, Mama? I want to see them.
Me: They were back there. They hide in the bushes and then when Mama's car goes by it scares them and they might jump out and I could hit one. That is why you need to keep your arms in your carseat because what happens if we don't buckle up?
Tylee: I not fall through the windshield, Mama. You will catch me.
Me: I won't be able to catch you because I'm driving. That is why you are buckled in your carseat - in case I hit a deer.
Tylee: Hey! You not hit the deer! You pet the deer, Mama. Don't hit him!
This conversation replayed itself for 30 miles until she finally zonked out about 2 miles from home. Obviously, Tylee has been told several times not to hit Boone, she needs to pet him.

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