"braska Game"

We went home early Thanksgiving night, knowing we were leaving at 5am on Friday. I was dreading my 4am alarm, only to get a 3am text from my sister telling me she got Tylee a Leapster. It was pointless to try to get back to sleep then, I was too excited! We were taking Tylee to her first Nebraska Football game and she could hardly stand it. I had to give her a chain of events so that she would leave me alone about the game. "Tonight you are staying at Grammy's, Wednesday we are going to see Tangled, Thursday is Thanksgiving, and Friday we are going to the Nebraska game." I felt like Pete and Repeat for a week!So we loaded up bright dark and early for the 5 hour trek to Nebraska. I packed a bag full of goodies for the trip (including the donuts pictured above!) and it went great. Tylee was so excited to get there, even though she had no clue what a "braska game" even was. Tylee was Pete and Repeat this time and asked a hundred times, "Are we at the braska game yet?" We had a lot of fun pre-game. We went to Husker nation, watched Tylee run around the track, ate a $6 hot dog, and saw the band and cheerleaders. Tj and I both love Lincoln and it was so much fun being there as a family. We got into the stadium early so we could be sure and get settled with Tylee before the other 80,000 people crammed in there. Tylee had fun playing on the bleachers and eating her popcorn but naptime was fast approaching. I figured she would be okay once things started happening but at most exciting part of the whole game, with 80,000 people yelling in her ear, music blaring throughout the stadium, she fell asleep on my shoulder. Nice.
We had a great day as a family of 3 but it was a very different experience as a family vs. Tj and I's annual trip to Lincoln. We didn't hit up "O" street, didn't go to our favorite bar, and dined at Chucke Cheese over a SteakHouse. Its crazy for me to say this but I really wouldn't have had it any other way.

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Tylee's outfit is TOO DIE FOR cute!!!!