Big Helper

I can't hardly do anything these days without having my little sidekick attached to my hip. I'm not complaining but lets just say it makes what used to be easy tasks, a little more complicated. First thing in the morning I get help taking a bath. Tylee makes sure I wash, shave, and is always worried that I don't lose my soap. She helps me out of the tub by holding my hand and always gets me a fresh towel, even if I don't need one. Then its on to Q-tips (that she throws away), lotion (that we both get), and deodorant (that we both get). I also get help picking out "panties", a shirt, and shoes. If she could see/reach my jeans, I'm sure she would help me pick those out too. A fashionista in the making!
I would guess that on Saturday's and Sunday's, Tylee doesn't get more than 5 feet away from me all day. I dust, she dusts. I vacuum, she vacuums (with her bubble popper). I get a drink, she gets a drink. I make lunch, she makes lunch. I just can't say no to that cute little voice asking, "Can I help you, Mama?"
One of my favorite activites for my littler helper and I to do is to cook dinner. I love to cook and having her there learning right beside me takes it to a whole different level of enjoyment. Unfortunately, I have a standard clause I feel obliged to say before I serve anyone food. It goes something like, "Tylee helped so I cannot promise you won't find anything in there that you wouldn't want to eat." Depending on the recipient, sometimes I elaborate more with specifics like, "Be careful so you don't swallow Tinkerbells shoes." Or possibly, "There may be some half eaten pepperonis and olives. I saw Tylee take several bites and then spit them back out on the pizza." I want to say I'm kidding, but I'm not. Don't worry though, I promise its safe to come eat at my house. I wouldn't serve that to anyone but Daddy.


Sunni said...

Oh what fun! You have a little shadow. :) I've missed your blogs but I guess I know why now...Tylee probably isn't that great of a typist. Ha ha!

Tj and Chelse said...

Omg, You are SO right! She LOVES the computer so blogging is out of the question until she is in bed!

crazyfordaisies said...

Glad to know Im not the only one with a shadow. Im still adjusting to hte fact that it takes FOREVER to do anything these days because of it though!

Wyatt's Momma said...

What a great helper!! Wyatt is my little helper. I've thought about getting him an apron to wear with me in the kitchen but I don't think Mike would go for it!! ;)