Wood Farms Pumpkin Patch

I feel like a cheater. We switched Pumpkin Patch's this year and I still feel guilty about it. The past 2 years Tylee and I have went to Hickory Creek Farms and had a blast, however this year, we decided to switch it up a little and try a different one. I did like it but think I'm still partial to my first love. Another trip may be in order if we can find the time. We normally go with the cousins but they were busy this weekend and we are busy next weekend, so that left us with only Halloween weekend left. I decided not to chance it and miss the trip altogether so made plans with my friend Darci and her little boy Jack on Sunday. Isn't he adorable? The kids didn't really interact that much but it was still nice to have someone for Mommy to chat with. Tylee wanted to do everything Jack couldn't quite do which was just another reminder that man, she is getting so big! All her fears have escaped her and she was gung-ho about everything there. This was a huge Bee Slide and once she got in, she was all on her own. I was nervous the first trip through but she climbed the slides and came tumbling out the other side. She was so proud of herself! There was also a big jumper there and again, Tylee climbed right in and got tossed around by the big kids. Jack wanted to be bigger than his britches too and got in for a bit too! After that came the corn trough, which has always been a favorite of mine. This corn trough was a bit bigger than Hickory Creek Farms but also way more crowded so I didn't get any great photo-ops. And last but not least, there was a little barrel train. Tylee wasn't ecstatic but seemed to enjoy herself. We finished up the day but picking out a pumpkin and heading home. Tylee went through the Bee Slide (what seemed like) 20 more times and then requested, "I want a dink and to go home, Mama." I think the Pumpkin Patch plum wore her out. Success!

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Chris and Darci said...

cute! you got some good ones! like i never think the ones i take of jack when he isn't looking are ever any good, but then i love yours of tylee when you are just observing what she is doing!

next year we might switch it up and visit your patch! im not partial to ours! ha!