Spooktacular Event #2

Tj was working so my friend Kinzi and I took Tylee up to Chanute Trick-or-Treating yesterday. We only had a couple stops to make but I thought it would be good practice for Halloween. I guess we'll see if she performs later today! Nanny and Poppy's
Dad and Janis'

Grandma Ann's

I think after this Tylee may be trained to say, "Trick-or-Treat" instead of please. It used to be when I asked her, "What are you supposed to say?" the answer was please. The last few days, the answer has been Trick-or-Treat. I hope we can break that habit!


Jen said...

Love her costume!! I guess she gave up on the "uniporn"!

Chris and Darci said...

so impressed with the costume! im glad she got over the "uniporn"! she looks cute!

Reed Family said...

That might be the cutest little witch outfit I have ever seen!!