Spooktacular Event #1

My friend Jennifer Tylee's friend Gage had a Halloween Party last night and it was honestly one of the neatest things we've done yet. Jennifer must've spent hours working on everything because not a single detail went unnoticed. The entire garage was lit by orange Christmas Halloween lights, it was dark and dingy, fog was in the air, and the strobe light was on full blast. Spooky...if you are 2! Other than her cousins, Tylee isn't around other kids that often and I guess the spookiness of the garage mixed in with a bunch of kids/adults she didn't know made her uneasy. Did I mention Daddy didn't give her a nap yesterday? Yah, lets add in the fact we were there without a nap. She was pretty clingy at first and I was very disapointed because we've been looking forward to this for awhile.
I bribed Tylee to get down with a Cheeto from the food table and apparently she noticed the Mummy cupcakes. Over the next hour, she told me several times she wanted a "Yummy" and I had no idea what she was talking about. I turned around a bit later to find her with her "Yummy". She obviously helped herself to the food table. She liked everything but the raisins. Typical, huh? After she got her cupcake, she was good-to-go and joined right in with the  big kids. Jennifer had gotten the Halloween version of Kids Bop and they all loved it. They just ran around, chased, and danced for hours. After a quick game of Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin, it was time for the pinata. I figured Tylee was too little but she loved it! When they (finally!) busted the Pinata, all sorts of candy and treats fell out. I'm tellin ya, Jennifer did such a great job! Anyways, there was a spider ring in Tylee's reach and I hollered at her to grab it. Rather than grab it, she runs over, stomps on it, and says, "I got it Mama."

Without a nap yesterday, plus all that running around last night, I figured we would get to sleep in. No such luck. The sugar must've beat out the sleepiness. Tylee woke up at 6am, hollering at me, "I want my pumpkin drink!" I hoped getting her the pumpkin drink would solve the problem and we could go back to bed but as soon as I handed her that, she wanted her Mama and Baby Suckers and her spider cupcake. Needless to say, she had candy for breakfast. What can I say? It's Halloween!


Reed Family said...

I'm so impressed! I love details like that! I would have been in Ahhh of it all!

Sunni said...

Looks like a GREAT PARTY! And I love the 'bed head' photo at the end. :)