• Whenever you call Tylee anything but her name, she quickly corrects you. I'll say, "Good night Monkey." She'll say, "I not a Monkey. I Tylee Jo."
  • She knows she lives in Pawsons. "I Tylee Jo Trollope and I live in Pawsons."
  • Tj was skimming the paper the other day and asked Tylee if she wanted a little dog. She replied with, "No. I want my Boemy back." It was just her luck he was coming home the next day.
  • The other day I told her my name was Chelse Trollope and she got mad. "You not Trollope. I Tylee Jo Trollope. You Chelse."
  • She loves to eat at "Donalds".
  • She has recently started answering with, "Yes." Its very pronounced and official when she says it. Its really funny and I wish I could type it the way she says it. Maybe I'll get a video soon.
  • I heard her tell her Teddy Bear the other night, "Don't worry little lady, I will save you." Tj's first reaction was that she has been watching too many Princess movies.
  • If you ask her something in the format of, "Tylee, do you want to eat dinner or not?" If she doesn't want too, she says, "Not." Or, "Tylee, do you want to get in the tub or not?" She replies with, "Not."
  • I was in the tub the other morning and gave her a brand new bottle of Cetaphil that I needed to take back. I asked her to please take it to the kitchen. I haven't seen the Cetaphil since.
  • Tylee has told me to "Vamanos!" more than once lately. And even funnier, she says it in the right context! Uhoh! Is she watching too much Dora also?

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Jen said...

Too cute! I love toddlerisms!