Like Mother, Like Daughter

4 or 5 Christmas' ago my SIL had on some slip-on Ugg Boots and I thought they looked super comfy. From that point on, I started noticing them here and there, under jeans. I was a fan from afar but wasn't quite sure what they were all about. Let's face it, fads don't reach SEK for quite some time after they've hit the city. Then the over-the-jeans fad started and I knew for a fact I couldn't pull that off. Only skinny or proportioned people can get away with that. I am neither of those things. But still, I thought they looked comfy.
Then last winter, my friend from work bought some and has successfully pulled off the over-the-jeans look many times. She always looks super cute but again, that's just not for me. And have I mentioned the $100+ price tag I'd have to pay to hide them under my jeans? I just can't justify them being worth the money. Also, did I mention that I'm a brandsnob? I have a really hard time buying non-name brand stuff. MP3 player vs. Ipod? Ipod. Canon lense vs. Tamron lense? Canon. Ugg Boots vs. Wal-mart? Ugg. For sure.

But today, I did it. I caved. I bought some not-totally-off-brand but not-totally-name-brand boots. They were buy one get one half off and there was NOTHING else in the store that appealed to me for myself, or Tylee. So we now have matching off-brand Ugg boots. And I'm not sure how I feel about that either. Ridiculously cute? Or just plain ridiculous?


Jemma Riley said...

I have been following your blog for a little while, and haven't really commented on anything as it would be a little weird as you don't know me. But I felt like I was obliged to say RIDICULOUSLY CUTE, only because I dress my 2 daughters and myself in matching shoes all time :) and our favorite matching shoes are our pink Ugg's :)

Chris and Darci said...

so CUTE! i have so many non-name brand ugg-like boots and i love them! and as for not being able to pull off the "over the jeans" look, you so could! i do and we both know i am neither skinny or proportionate! i think it depends on the top you wear. try it out, you might be surprised!