I feel like Tylee has been bored lately. Don't get me wrong, we do a LOT of activities with her but as far as our everyday life (get home from work, cook dinner, watch tv, and go to bed), I feel like she is bored.
Day at home with Daddy: Mommy gets up at 6:30 and Tylee normally isn't too far behind me. Tylee plays in the bathroom while I bathe and Daddy gets in his last few winks for the day. I get out of the tub, get Tylee some milk, and get her situated her in her room watching Diego. I finish getting ready, kiss Tj on the forehead and tell him Daddy-duty begins, and head out the door. I have no idea what happens from 7:30 - 5:00 but the house is normally a disaster when I get home and Tylee is usually naked. Hm. Maybe I'm just the boring one? I get home, give Tylee and Daddy a hug, then either cook or eat dinner, depending on whether my wonderful husband has already cooked. I always get the kitchen picked up by 6:00 or 6:30 and then the fun begins! Or doesn't. Because we do the same thing over, and over, and over. It is either color with sidewalk chalk, ride the Dora 4-wheeler, coloring inside, playing Play-dough, or reading books. Then its another episode of Diego before bed and lights out.
Day with Grammy: Same thing, same thing, same thing...I have no idea what happens between 7:30 - 5:00, then I arrive at Grammy's to pick Tylee up. At least on these days Tylee and I are still in town but there is only so many times you can go to the same playground. Sometimes we run to the store or run an errand or two but we are normally still home with dinner cooked and cleaned up by 6:30 or 7:00 at the latest. That leaves 2 hours solo with Tylee to find something to do. Sometimes we have photoshoots in the backyard but how many different pictures can I get of Tylee with nothing but pasture behind her? There isn't much for me to be creative with.
Mix in a few games of hide-n-seek (which is another whole post but hilarious!), a few rounds of chase Boemy, and I will note that I do sometimes let her help me cook dinner - that pretty much sums up our life. What else is there to do? I could honestly throw away every single toy in her room and she wouldn't even notice. She likes her Barbies and baby dolls but thats about it. Thank goodness Christmas is just around the corner!
Is this just a fictional problem that I've created in my head because of my desire to always have something to do? Or am I just not being creative enough coming up with games and activities for my 2-year old?


Jen said...

Ugh! I could have written this exact same post about Sofie and I. It doesn't matter how many activities and fun things you come up with, there just aren't enough to fill a 10 hour day without being REALLY monotonous all the time. If you come up with a cure, let me in on it!!

Chris and Darci said...

I know the feeling! Except our problem is more of a time issue. We leave the house at 7:30am get home around 5:30pm, Jack and I go for a run and get home around 6:15 or so, then it's Jack's dinner time, then bath, then play until 7:30 which isn't much time, then off to bed. So I feel like we only have like 30 minutes of play time and all he wants to do is throw balls, ha!

Andrea said...

Have you heard of the book, "The busy book for toddlers."? They have a bunch of different ideas you could try! I bought it a while back and have already tried a thing or two! :)