Boone's Big Day

I skipped a couple of obligations (baby showers) this past weekend to be at Boone's Certification Test and although I hated to miss them, it was important for me to be there on Boone's big day. Against my better judgement, we thought that Tylee would enjoy the day as well. She's been missing her puppy and I was anxious for her to get to see him.We pulled up bright and early, 7:30am to be exact. I was hoping to see Boone right away but his trainer thought that we should keep our distance until after Boone was done. Poor Tylee. It was torture keeping her at bay when we had pumped her up to see him. I can't tell you how many times I was asked, "Where's Boemy at?" that day. "He's right there in that truck but we cannot go see him yet." Thats a hard concept for a 2-year old to understand. After a long morning of waiting and watching other dogs, it was finally Boones turn. Here is he waiting behind the truck while some guy planted the birds. Everything was very official and I was super nervous.

The whistle blew and Boone and his trainer headed out into this big field with 3 judges. Boone had to find and point the bird, hold the point for 5 seconds, the gunman then flushed and shot the bird, and Boone had to retrieve it and bring it back within one step. Sounds easy, right? Not so much. I'm happy to report that only 4 out of 16 dogs passed that day. Boone was one of them.

I should also note that there is a water retrieval part to the test but unfortunatley, one thing I've learned as a Mom is when duty calls - there is no escaping it. Naptime won fair-and-square but apparently, the field trial is the hard part. Once that was in the bag, the rest was a given. Thank God Boone proved that to be true.

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amanda said...

Chelse! I can't wait to show Ben. He leaves on Thursday for his hunting trip in south Dakota.