Happy Halloween!

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Spooktacular Event #2

Tj was working so my friend Kinzi and I took Tylee up to Chanute Trick-or-Treating yesterday. We only had a couple stops to make but I thought it would be good practice for Halloween. I guess we'll see if she performs later today! Nanny and Poppy's
Dad and Janis'

Grandma Ann's

I think after this Tylee may be trained to say, "Trick-or-Treat" instead of please. It used to be when I asked her, "What are you supposed to say?" the answer was please. The last few days, the answer has been Trick-or-Treat. I hope we can break that habit!


Spooktacular Event #1

My friend Jennifer Tylee's friend Gage had a Halloween Party last night and it was honestly one of the neatest things we've done yet. Jennifer must've spent hours working on everything because not a single detail went unnoticed. The entire garage was lit by orange Christmas Halloween lights, it was dark and dingy, fog was in the air, and the strobe light was on full blast. Spooky...if you are 2! Other than her cousins, Tylee isn't around other kids that often and I guess the spookiness of the garage mixed in with a bunch of kids/adults she didn't know made her uneasy. Did I mention Daddy didn't give her a nap yesterday? Yah, lets add in the fact we were there without a nap. She was pretty clingy at first and I was very disapointed because we've been looking forward to this for awhile.
I bribed Tylee to get down with a Cheeto from the food table and apparently she noticed the Mummy cupcakes. Over the next hour, she told me several times she wanted a "Yummy" and I had no idea what she was talking about. I turned around a bit later to find her with her "Yummy". She obviously helped herself to the food table. She liked everything but the raisins. Typical, huh? After she got her cupcake, she was good-to-go and joined right in with the  big kids. Jennifer had gotten the Halloween version of Kids Bop and they all loved it. They just ran around, chased, and danced for hours. After a quick game of Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin, it was time for the pinata. I figured Tylee was too little but she loved it! When they (finally!) busted the Pinata, all sorts of candy and treats fell out. I'm tellin ya, Jennifer did such a great job! Anyways, there was a spider ring in Tylee's reach and I hollered at her to grab it. Rather than grab it, she runs over, stomps on it, and says, "I got it Mama."

Without a nap yesterday, plus all that running around last night, I figured we would get to sleep in. No such luck. The sugar must've beat out the sleepiness. Tylee woke up at 6am, hollering at me, "I want my pumpkin drink!" I hoped getting her the pumpkin drink would solve the problem and we could go back to bed but as soon as I handed her that, she wanted her Mama and Baby Suckers and her spider cupcake. Needless to say, she had candy for breakfast. What can I say? It's Halloween!


We are still here!

I've been in a blogging slump lately and I guess it has been a combination of lack-of-time and effort. The evening daylight hours are getting shorter and shorter and I won't lie, dinner is the first thing on my mind when I get home from work - not pictures. God forbid I use my flash. :-) Anyways, without pictures, I don't have anything to blog about.

Our October has been extremely busy and I'm glad it is coming to an end. We have one last busy weekend with Halloween coming up and then are free most of November. I've been pumping Tylee up for Halloween but am afraid we are going to have an issue. A month or so ago I let her look through my Pottery Barn Kids magazine at all the costumes and somehow she decided she was going to be a Unicorn. I didn't even know she knew what a Unicorn was. So now if you ask her what she is going to be, she proudly will say she is going to be a "Uniporn!" Unforuntely, Mommy didn't want to pay $58 for the Unicorn costume and now it is sold out. If you mention the costume in the closet? She flips out crying that she doesn't want to be a ...., "She wants to be a Uniporn!" Wish us luck.



There was the prettiest double rainbow outside our house the other night. It literally was this vibrant and crisp. I've never seen such a thing. Tylee was impressed but kept telling me, "I want to go get it, Mama." I told her to go ahead but when she got to the barbwire and kept going down the drive, I called her back to the porch. She was on a mission!



I feel like Tylee has been bored lately. Don't get me wrong, we do a LOT of activities with her but as far as our everyday life (get home from work, cook dinner, watch tv, and go to bed), I feel like she is bored.
Day at home with Daddy: Mommy gets up at 6:30 and Tylee normally isn't too far behind me. Tylee plays in the bathroom while I bathe and Daddy gets in his last few winks for the day. I get out of the tub, get Tylee some milk, and get her situated her in her room watching Diego. I finish getting ready, kiss Tj on the forehead and tell him Daddy-duty begins, and head out the door. I have no idea what happens from 7:30 - 5:00 but the house is normally a disaster when I get home and Tylee is usually naked. Hm. Maybe I'm just the boring one? I get home, give Tylee and Daddy a hug, then either cook or eat dinner, depending on whether my wonderful husband has already cooked. I always get the kitchen picked up by 6:00 or 6:30 and then the fun begins! Or doesn't. Because we do the same thing over, and over, and over. It is either color with sidewalk chalk, ride the Dora 4-wheeler, coloring inside, playing Play-dough, or reading books. Then its another episode of Diego before bed and lights out.
Day with Grammy: Same thing, same thing, same thing...I have no idea what happens between 7:30 - 5:00, then I arrive at Grammy's to pick Tylee up. At least on these days Tylee and I are still in town but there is only so many times you can go to the same playground. Sometimes we run to the store or run an errand or two but we are normally still home with dinner cooked and cleaned up by 6:30 or 7:00 at the latest. That leaves 2 hours solo with Tylee to find something to do. Sometimes we have photoshoots in the backyard but how many different pictures can I get of Tylee with nothing but pasture behind her? There isn't much for me to be creative with.
Mix in a few games of hide-n-seek (which is another whole post but hilarious!), a few rounds of chase Boemy, and I will note that I do sometimes let her help me cook dinner - that pretty much sums up our life. What else is there to do? I could honestly throw away every single toy in her room and she wouldn't even notice. She likes her Barbies and baby dolls but thats about it. Thank goodness Christmas is just around the corner!
Is this just a fictional problem that I've created in my head because of my desire to always have something to do? Or am I just not being creative enough coming up with games and activities for my 2-year old?


Wood Farms Pumpkin Patch

I feel like a cheater. We switched Pumpkin Patch's this year and I still feel guilty about it. The past 2 years Tylee and I have went to Hickory Creek Farms and had a blast, however this year, we decided to switch it up a little and try a different one. I did like it but think I'm still partial to my first love. Another trip may be in order if we can find the time. We normally go with the cousins but they were busy this weekend and we are busy next weekend, so that left us with only Halloween weekend left. I decided not to chance it and miss the trip altogether so made plans with my friend Darci and her little boy Jack on Sunday. Isn't he adorable? The kids didn't really interact that much but it was still nice to have someone for Mommy to chat with. Tylee wanted to do everything Jack couldn't quite do which was just another reminder that man, she is getting so big! All her fears have escaped her and she was gung-ho about everything there. This was a huge Bee Slide and once she got in, she was all on her own. I was nervous the first trip through but she climbed the slides and came tumbling out the other side. She was so proud of herself! There was also a big jumper there and again, Tylee climbed right in and got tossed around by the big kids. Jack wanted to be bigger than his britches too and got in for a bit too! After that came the corn trough, which has always been a favorite of mine. This corn trough was a bit bigger than Hickory Creek Farms but also way more crowded so I didn't get any great photo-ops. And last but not least, there was a little barrel train. Tylee wasn't ecstatic but seemed to enjoy herself. We finished up the day but picking out a pumpkin and heading home. Tylee went through the Bee Slide (what seemed like) 20 more times and then requested, "I want a dink and to go home, Mama." I think the Pumpkin Patch plum wore her out. Success!


Picture Withdrawals

You know I cannot go outside and take pictures of my fall stuff without snapping a few (or 500) pictures of Tylee.


Happy Fall, Ya'll

Have I mentioned before I live in the boondocks? Yes, very few people will actually see my fall display. I know this, yet still do it every year because I enjoy it. I thought it would be fun to decorate with Tylee this year but she was over it in about 2.5 seconds. Maybe next year. Summer didn't get the memo that it was over until well after all the corn stalks were cut. I thought about getting them in early September but it was still 100+ degrees and Fall was far from my mind. I've hunted high and low for some but I'm officially giving up my hunt. (Unless anyone knows where I can get some?) This is out by our drive and didn't turn out quite the way I had hoped. Again, its missing corn stalks but I also need a few more pumpkins. Or sunflowers. Or something. But I'm tired of looking for stuff and December will be here before I know it. This is on the front porch and will be much cuter when my Mum blooms. If it ever does - I don't tend to have good luck with Mums. And aren't they like the easier plant ever? These displays change daily as Boone and Tylee both like to play with the pumpkins and gords. Boone more than Tylee, which is unfortunate because I'm not sure how much longer they are goin to last.

These are the 3 fall things that I have inside. I love my table. The actual table itself is some friends of ours and as soon as they build their forever home, it goes back to them. Its going to be a sad, sad day. The pumpkin is new this year and has been calling my name ever since I saw it at Wal-mart in August. Again, August = hot so I was far from thinking about Pumpkins. I was lucky enough to buy the last one on the shelf a couple of weeks ago! Thank goodness. I would've regretted not buying it. It needs something but I can't put my finger on it quite yet so its fine for now. Any ideas? The coffee candle is a repeat from last year but with fresh coffee. Yum! My house smells good! Welcome Fall.



  • Whenever you call Tylee anything but her name, she quickly corrects you. I'll say, "Good night Monkey." She'll say, "I not a Monkey. I Tylee Jo."
  • She knows she lives in Pawsons. "I Tylee Jo Trollope and I live in Pawsons."
  • Tj was skimming the paper the other day and asked Tylee if she wanted a little dog. She replied with, "No. I want my Boemy back." It was just her luck he was coming home the next day.
  • The other day I told her my name was Chelse Trollope and she got mad. "You not Trollope. I Tylee Jo Trollope. You Chelse."
  • She loves to eat at "Donalds".
  • She has recently started answering with, "Yes." Its very pronounced and official when she says it. Its really funny and I wish I could type it the way she says it. Maybe I'll get a video soon.
  • I heard her tell her Teddy Bear the other night, "Don't worry little lady, I will save you." Tj's first reaction was that she has been watching too many Princess movies.
  • If you ask her something in the format of, "Tylee, do you want to eat dinner or not?" If she doesn't want too, she says, "Not." Or, "Tylee, do you want to get in the tub or not?" She replies with, "Not."
  • I was in the tub the other morning and gave her a brand new bottle of Cetaphil that I needed to take back. I asked her to please take it to the kitchen. I haven't seen the Cetaphil since.
  • Tylee has told me to "Vamanos!" more than once lately. And even funnier, she says it in the right context! Uhoh! Is she watching too much Dora also?


Like Mother, Like Daughter

4 or 5 Christmas' ago my SIL had on some slip-on Ugg Boots and I thought they looked super comfy. From that point on, I started noticing them here and there, under jeans. I was a fan from afar but wasn't quite sure what they were all about. Let's face it, fads don't reach SEK for quite some time after they've hit the city. Then the over-the-jeans fad started and I knew for a fact I couldn't pull that off. Only skinny or proportioned people can get away with that. I am neither of those things. But still, I thought they looked comfy.
Then last winter, my friend from work bought some and has successfully pulled off the over-the-jeans look many times. She always looks super cute but again, that's just not for me. And have I mentioned the $100+ price tag I'd have to pay to hide them under my jeans? I just can't justify them being worth the money. Also, did I mention that I'm a brandsnob? I have a really hard time buying non-name brand stuff. MP3 player vs. Ipod? Ipod. Canon lense vs. Tamron lense? Canon. Ugg Boots vs. Wal-mart? Ugg. For sure.

But today, I did it. I caved. I bought some not-totally-off-brand but not-totally-name-brand boots. They were buy one get one half off and there was NOTHING else in the store that appealed to me for myself, or Tylee. So we now have matching off-brand Ugg boots. And I'm not sure how I feel about that either. Ridiculously cute? Or just plain ridiculous?


Boone's Big Day

I skipped a couple of obligations (baby showers) this past weekend to be at Boone's Certification Test and although I hated to miss them, it was important for me to be there on Boone's big day. Against my better judgement, we thought that Tylee would enjoy the day as well. She's been missing her puppy and I was anxious for her to get to see him.We pulled up bright and early, 7:30am to be exact. I was hoping to see Boone right away but his trainer thought that we should keep our distance until after Boone was done. Poor Tylee. It was torture keeping her at bay when we had pumped her up to see him. I can't tell you how many times I was asked, "Where's Boemy at?" that day. "He's right there in that truck but we cannot go see him yet." Thats a hard concept for a 2-year old to understand. After a long morning of waiting and watching other dogs, it was finally Boones turn. Here is he waiting behind the truck while some guy planted the birds. Everything was very official and I was super nervous.

The whistle blew and Boone and his trainer headed out into this big field with 3 judges. Boone had to find and point the bird, hold the point for 5 seconds, the gunman then flushed and shot the bird, and Boone had to retrieve it and bring it back within one step. Sounds easy, right? Not so much. I'm happy to report that only 4 out of 16 dogs passed that day. Boone was one of them.

I should also note that there is a water retrieval part to the test but unfortunatley, one thing I've learned as a Mom is when duty calls - there is no escaping it. Naptime won fair-and-square but apparently, the field trial is the hard part. Once that was in the bag, the rest was a given. Thank God Boone proved that to be true.