A YouTube Video - Day 23

I am not a big YouTube fan. My husband will randomly find something funny on there and although hilarious, none of them are appropriate for this blog. So I'm going to copy my friend Audrey (again) and post this Rear-facing carseat video. I'm not even going to pretend to know the facts so just click on over to her blog if you are interested - AND YOU SHOULD BE. She does all the research, I (or Tylee) reap the benefits.

I have turned Tylee around now, although it is probably recommended she still be rear-facing. She was rear-facing up until sometime around her 2nd birthday and during a carseat exchange with my Mom, I decided to turn her around. Tylee, as well as most kids I assume, hit a major growth spurt between 18-months and 2 years old and I am okay with my decision to have her face-forward now. 1 year old = baby, 2 years old = toddler.

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Amanda said...

Great video! Our little man is still rear facing, and he's almost 2. He weighed 20 pounds for the first time on Monday, so we're just now able to turn him. I think we'll still wait until he's a little heavier, though.