Your Week in Great Detail - Day 26

Last week? Or the week that is to come? Hm. Again, this sucks because it falls on a Sunday. We'll go with my plans for this coming week.

Monday - No plans. Recover from the weekend and spend some much needed time with my little girl.

Tuesday - Brecca's 8th birthday so I assume a Birthday Party is in the making for tonight.

Wednesday - No plans. I have yet to get my fall stuff out so I may do that. I also haven't had my camera out in several weeks so may have a mini-photoshoot with Tylee.
Thursday - A dinner date at the Golf Club for my friend Kerri's actual birthday.
Friday - Staying home, cleaning the house, and getting ready for our busy weekend to come.
Saturday - How many things can we cram into one weekend? Saturday morning we are getting Boone APLA Certified. Tj is renting me a Telephoto lense so I can take pictures. I am SO excited to have a $1200 lense in my posession for a week! I also had a Baby Shower in Gueda Springs for our good friends Curtis and Sunni that I guess I'm not going to make. After the Certification, (if I make it in time) I have both a fish fry and a baby shower in Chanute that afternoon. Tylee and I may just stay all night Saturday night because....
Sunday - Only one obligation on Sunday and I am SO excited for it. My brother and SIL's baby shower is in Chanute that I am helping host.

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