Your Month, In Great Detail - Day 27

October is probably my favorite month of the year but I am a little irritated this year because EVERY weekend is booked. Annoying! At least it is booked with things I want to do. It still just sucks not having any free weekends.

October 2-3: As noted here, this weekend is full with Boone's Certification, 3 Baby Showers, and a Fish Fry.

October 9-10: This weekend is Gueda Fest, which is always a blast but sounds like 2 out of the 2 people we go out there to see, are busy. We may still make the trip but also may go camping as well. I've been begging Tj to take Tylee to Silver Dollar City but at this rate, I would be okay with just camping at Farlington. Our poor camper hasn't gotten much love this summer.

October 16-17: This weekend is the big Texas/Nebraska game that we are in hopes of getting tickets for. I just checked on Ebay and tickets are going for around $250 a ticket. OUCH! We have an inside connection that we are still hoping pulls through but our hopes are not high. Tj will not be any where but the couch.

October 23-24: I have written every year since I've had the blog about going on the annual October Road Rally. The first year, I had just found out I was pregnant and was my first real experience not partaking with everyone else. I am happy to partake this year and not only do we get to go on the Road Rally, we get to plan it as well! We have the 40-mile route mapped out and need to go back in the next couple weeks and fill in the clues. That task will fill-in any of the remaining free days we have during the month.

October 30-31: This weekend is busy as well, with 3 Halloween parties to attend Saturday night and Halloween on Sunday. To top that off, we are thinking of going to the Nebraska/Missouri game that Saturday as well. I will be happy when October is over.

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