Whatever Tickles Your Fancy - Day 24

I am so excited that the high is only 80 today and tomorrow and 65 on Sunday! Welcome Fall! I still don't have my fall stuff out but that is my goal this weekend. I was dying to put it out at the end of August but somewhere between then and now, I lost my motivation. Corn harvest has been in full force for more than a month now so I hope I can still find corn stalks. They are my favorite part of all my fall decor. I bet its too late. Either way, hopefully Tylee and I can accomplish that this weekend. I assume that is one of those projects I'm excited to do with her but will quickly realize that she is too much help.
We have a busy weekend planned but I'm looking forward too it. I'm a little annoyed that the blog challenge tomorrow is to document my day in great detail. It will be something like, "Wake up, drop Tylee off at Grandmas, and head to Cherryvale to a bonfire birthday party at 10am." What a great mother, I am. In all honesty, Tj and I need a break. Although I loved my 11 days at home with Tylee from my surgery, I am 100% not cut out to be a stay-at-home-Mom. I am looking forward to a great day with friends and no responsibilities. I'll go back into Mom-mode on Sunday.
Tylee has been as cute as ever lately. Tj has been keeping her a lot and whenever I ask what her and Daddy did, I usually get, "Um - we played." Sometimes I'll get a story (that is usually only half-true) but for the most part when you ask what she is doing, she'll answer with, "Just playin." She is fascinated with Barbies and Mermaids at the moment and has recently started having interest in anything Princess related. On the total opposite of that, she is obsessed with riding the Rhino and lawnmower and is quite a Daddy's girl. Looks like I got my girly-girl and he got his tomboy all bundled into one beautiful little girl. I keep thinking that she can't get any more fun but she never seizes to amaze me.

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