A Website - Day 22

I cheat. I only actually go to 2 websites a day. Okay, maybe 3 because my friend Sunni has her blog locked so it doesn't show up in Google Reader.
Google Reader - This is my list of blogs I read. I have around 75 blogs in here and as soon as you update, it pops up that I have something new to read. Think it is coincedental that I comment on your blog within seconds of adding a new post? Not so much.
People - I added People in my Google Reader once and it was a mess. Everytime I would sign it I would have 45-50 new updates to read. Who has time for that? So I deleted it and I check this first thing in the morning when I get to work, after lunch when I sit back down at my desk, and at least once more before I leave.
Here are a couple other sites (or blogs) worth mentioning that are in my Google Reader (that I didn't mention the other day.) .
Audrey's Blog - If you don't read this blog, you need to start immediately. She is both real and funny - and takes good pictures to boot!
Ashley Ann - I initially started reading Ashley Ann's blog for photography purposes but she is also an amazing crafter. (Is that a word?) She has some great ideas if you are looking to redecorate.
The Spohr's are Multiplying - This couple lost a baby over a year ago and although I started reading because of that (sad but true), I now read because she is hilarious and updates daily. Honestly, cracks.me.up.
OMG, I'm a Mom - My friend Amanda showed me this blog and I was hooked at first glance. I don't know what it is about her but it was blog love at first site. Beware - she 100% tells the truth about raising a child.
My list could go on and on. Maybe after this challenge is over I'll highlight a blog I read a week. Not that anyone really cares but who doesn't need more to read? Ha. Kidding.

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