A Talent of Yours - Day 19

If you would've asked me 5 years ago what my talent or hobby was, I would've been blank. I remember my freshman year of college at KU, my dorm dined together at first and we all had to go around the circle and say something about ourselves. I said that I was shy. Ha. What a great way to make friends! "That girl over there is shy." How intriguing. I wouldn't have wanted to be friends with me either. Now, if I was asked to go around the room and say something about myself, I would say that I was a mother to a beautiful two-year old little girl, loved to cook, and was a hobbyist photographer. I've come a long ways!
I definitely don't feel that I'm good enough to call photography a talent, so I'm going to go with cooking. (Photography will be on tomorrow's blog - a hobby.) Cooking is probably more a hobby than a talent but I guess I would consider myself a good cook. Its always hard to compliment yourself. One of Tj and I's favorite things to do over the weekend is get up early, head to the store, find something to make, and spend the day cooking it. In the summer it is normally some sort of meat on the grill/smoker (Pork Butt, Brisket, Ribs, Chicken) and in the winter it is normally soup, casserole, or dish that takes all day. It is normal for me to bake a turkey, smoke some ribs, make homeade noodles, hot rolls, cookies, or a pie so I have a hard time considering this a talent. It just comes natural to me but I guess it doesn't to some.

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crazyfordaisies said...

Im pretty sure the lack of friend making on our floor at KU had anything to do with you... it was just an odd place with a BAD mix of people!!! Definitely one of the LONGEST 9 months of my life.