A Photo of You Taken Over Ten Years Ago - Day 10

These aren't the pictures I wanted to share but forgot my other ones at home. Maybe I'll scan them and share them with you one of these days. I honestly don't see it at all but I run into people all the time that tell me Tylee looks like me. Thoughts?


crazyfordaisies said...

I dont see resemblance of you in Tylee, but I have ALWAYS thought she looks a lot like Grandma Finley. People always try to tell me Nora looks like me, but I dont see it at all. Sometimes I think they are just saying it to be nice =0)

Laura B said...

I came across your blog by accident while looking for my friends blog, and I wanted to say your little angel looks EXACTLY like you! I know what you mean though, people think my daughter looks like me when I was her age, but I don't see it either. :) Gorgeous little girl, btw!