Non-Fiction Book - Day 14

I'm skipping today. I had my gallbladder out yesterday, am doped upped on pain meds, and in a lot of pain. I have an excuese, right? The last non-fiction book I've probably read was in Highschool. I think it was Moby Dick but that is in no way, shape, or form a favorite of mine. Have you seen that book? It's like 3 inches thick. Not fun.
*My lovely husband just informed me that Moby Dick is not a non-fiction book. I am glad I have pain pills to thank for that mistake.


Sunni said...

YES! That's a great excuse. I had no idea...happy healing. Enjoy the pain meds but take it easy. (when I had mine out I was at a KU basketball game just 2 days later - yikes!)

Chris and Darci said...

poor chelse! you should definitely be relaxing! i guess the pain has gotten worse since yesterday?