Tylee is obsessed with all things Cowboy and is quick to point out anyone wearing a cowboy hat when we see them. "Look Mom! A cowboy!" She also can point out spurs, chaps, boots, indians and horses, and would rather watch a Western than cartoons. See? Tj really did get his little boy. This weekend is the Farm Heritage Days in Parsons and as Tylee and I were discussing our weekend, I told her she was going to that with Grammy and Pom-pom on Friday. Apparently, it had already been discussed because this is the discussion that followed:

Tylee: I'm going to ride the Cowboy's horse!

Me: You are?! You won't be scared?

Tylee: No. I not scared. They won't shoot me.

Me: They better not shoot at you!

Tylee: No. The (s)nake bite them in the leg.

Me: Oh, so there will be snakes there too?

Tylee: Hop on, Cowboy. Hop on. *Giggle*

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Jen said...

LOL I love toddler conversations!